World Environment Day



One day in an year, Why don’t learn farming instead of planting some plants in front of camera.

I got a chance to learn farming with some friends and students in a nearby nursery, we sweat all day and also got some modern farming and compost information and trust me, taste a cup of tea after work in the buzzing afternoon It’s felt better then a 5 Stars Hotel’s coffee.
Mr. Chavan Singh was on a job since 1987, who is retiring in September this year, it is difficult to make the statement that I was able to see in the eyes of the person who created this paradise with his own hands.

Of course this news is not worth the media, because it is not organized by 1000 KB. I. High voltage drama. And I did not speech such today’s politicians, nor did had a poster banner in my hand, with environmentally slogans.

It’s a matter of fact, anyways,
Congratulations to the World Environment Day.



साल में एक दिन कुछ पौधे लगाते हुये फोटो खींचाने से बेहतर है क्यूँ ना फार्मिंग ही सीख ली जाय। आज नज़दीक की एक नर्सरी में कुछ दोस्तों और स्टूडेंट्स के साथ फार्मिंग सीखने का मौका मिला, हमने पूरा दिन पसीना बहाया और कुछ आधुनिक खेती और कम्पोस्ट की जानकारी भी हासिल की, बमुश्कित भरी दोपहरी में एक कप चाय का स्वाद यक़ीन कीजिये किसी 5 सितार होटल की कॉफी से बेहतर लगा.

चवन सिंग जी 1987 से यहाँ नौकरी पर थे, जो इस साल सितंबर में रिटायर हो रहें है, अपने हाथों से इस स्वर्ग का निर्माण करने वाले की आँखों में मैं जो सुकून देख पा रहा था, उसे बयान करना मुश्किल है।

ज़ाहिर है ये ख़बर मीडिया के काबिल नहीं है, क्योंकि इसका आयोजन 1000 के.बी. हाई वोल्टेज साउंड सिस्टम और पंडाल लगाकर नहीं किया गया था और क्योंकि मैं नेताओँ के मंच पर हर बार की तरह मंजे-सुरीले भाषण देने नहीं गया था, ना ही मेरे हाथ में कोई पोस्टर बैनर था जिसमे बड़े-बड़े शब्दो में पार्यावरण के नारे लिखें गए हों।

एक बात की बात है, खैर जाने दो… पर्यावरण दिवस की बधाईयाँ


How to Celebrate World Environment Day in Home, School, Collage, Office, Social Media, and Colony. Read Some Useful Activities by our team.


  1. Switch off all unnecessary lights on the eve and conserve energy
  2. Take food in plate as much as you eat to avoid creating leftover
  3. Don’t use your vehicle HORN today
  4. Instead of bucket use half bucket to take bathing
  5. Re-use at least one used item on that day and make it your habit
  6. Instead of throwing away, feed the leftover food to birds and animals
  7. Take public transportation today
  8. Get involved in a conservation, restoration, or local environment day event.  
  9. Visit your garden space and plan what to do with it.



  1. Instead of personal transport use public transport to come to office and go back to home
  2. Take print out on both sides of the paper if it is not required otherwise
  3. Switch off lights of your room or around your seat if you go out for lunch
  4. Find all papers that were used on one side and make it a rough note-book
  5. Write a message on environment and put it on your desk top
  6. With every message through mobile write a tag line reminding others about World Environment Day
  7. In lunch time talk with colleagues about the day and motivate them to take care of environment
  8. Collect old newspapers and sell them to any recycling company
  9. Make a promise to protect environment and paste it on notice board for others to follow
  10. If you are boss, send a general request letter to all employees to take care of environment
  11. On phone call after salutation also remind the caller about the day



  1. If you are a teacher deliver a speech in prayer assembly on significance of this day
  2. Arrange a speech competition among best debaters of the school on the importance of this day
  3. Organize a poster competition and give awards to makers of best posters
  4. Ask students to write about your surrounding environment
  5. Organize a skit competition among senior classes in a free period and give award to best performers
  6. Plant trees in free soil-space of the school
  7. Paste posters on notice board of different sections of school telling students what to do on this day



  1. Make cleanliness of the area on self-help basis
  2. If there is a garden in your area water its plants and clean rubbish from its grass
  3. If you can afford on contribution basis distribute environmental awareness handbills among community members
  4. Paste a poster at any eye-catching spot telling people about significance of this day
  5. Request the Church, Mosque and other religious services to incorporate green message in their sermons on coming congregation


  1. Write on your friends’ wall on Facebook about this day
  2. Make a poster and paste it on your timeline
  3. Develop ten small green slogans and share them on Twitter
  4. Take one picture of clean environment and one of polluted environment of your area and paste them on Pinterest with message telling the difference
  5. Whatever you read on internet about this day share it on all your social media account
  6. Search green groups on social media and share with them your concerns on environmental degradation
  7. Make a green promise and publicize it on social media
  8. Do an online survey to make people think about environmental pollution
  9. Organize a competition on social media to raise awareness about clean environment
  10. Do LIKE on others shares about this day to motivate many others to do more for environment
  11. Visit the website of World Environment Day and update yourself more
  12. Like the Page on Facebook of Pollution Pollution to know further about pollution and environment.

Celebrate World Environment Day. Share Post. 

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