Watermen Awards

An individual, organization, or company that should be recognized for their great work protecting water in Chhattisgarh? Nominate them for a Watermen Award! We reviews all nominations at the beginning of each year and celebrates the winners at our Bolti Nadi Awards Celebration & Annual Meeting held each Spring.

Nominate your watermen awards in one of the following categories:

  • Sustainability (waste reduction, energy efficiency, resource conservation, etc.)
  • Innovation (new products, processes or services that protect natural resources)
  • Water Conservation (efforts to use water more efficiently)
  • Land Protection (efforts to protect sensitive lands)
  • Outdoor Recreation (efforts to improve opportunities to explore and understand natural areas)

Watermen Awards Nomination Form

Nominate a business, industry, local government, non-profit orgnaization or individual for extraordinary achievements in the areas of sustainability, innovation, water conservation, land protection and outdoor recreation.

Individuals or entities living in or doing business in the Chhattisgarh only.

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