Set your own standards: Amir Hashmi

There will be people that will judge you no matter what you do. Mostly because they don’t understand you or your journey.⁣⁣These people spend most of their time finding faults in others and usually never spend time to correct their own. The funny thing is that a lot of the time they don’t even knowContinue reading “Set your own standards: Amir Hashmi”

Review: The Trial of Chicago 7

The Trial of Chicago 7 is a very important and timely film. Though based on a trial that happened in 1968, it resonates well with the situation today. How a group of young peaceful protesters are charged and tried with false charges of inciting riots. And how the system when decides on indicting them, trashesContinue reading “Review: The Trial of Chicago 7”


With the love and support of my friends, family and fans, a big dream of my life is going to be fulfilled today, Today on 12 October 2020, I announce my first Bollywood feature film, The production of the film will begin in the second week of February 2021 InshaAllah, The story of the filmContinue reading “FILM ANNOUNCEMENT”

#RIP Bhupesh Kumar Pandya

With a heavy heart, this is to sadly inform you about the demise of our beloved friend, senior fellow actor Bhupesh Kumar Pandya. He left us today on 23rd Sept, 2020. He was at Apollo Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad. He was smiling and in high spirits till his last breath. He’ll be cremated at his hometownContinue reading “#RIP Bhupesh Kumar Pandya”

डर, क़ानून, नियम, प्रशासन नाम हैं तेरी-मेरी लाचारी के: अमीर हाशमी की कलम से

डर, क़ानून, नियम, प्रशासन नाम हैं तेरी-मेरी लाचारी के, जागीर तेरी-मेरी शराब है, चल मैख़ाने में बात करते हैं. . . . Dar, Kanoon, Niyam, Prashasan naam hain teri-meri lachari ke, Jageer teri meri sharab hain, Chal maikhane me baat karte hain. . . . . . #अमीर_हाशमी_की_कलम_से . . . #urdu #poetry #urdupoetry #rekhtaContinue reading “डर, क़ानून, नियम, प्रशासन नाम हैं तेरी-मेरी लाचारी के: अमीर हाशमी की कलम से”

Gratitude Quote

“A reminder that it’s not about the end goal, it’s about the journey leading you there. The harder it is the more you learn. It’s always worth it, so work harder.” “Gratitude. I practice gratitude daily, but this task has taken my level of gratefulness to another level.⁣” ⁣#amirhashmi

चुप हूँ मुझे सुक़ून मयस्सर हो जैसे: अमीर हाशमी

एहसास में शदीद तलातुम के बावजूद, चुप हूँ मुझे सुक़ून मयस्सर हो जैसे. . . . Ehsaas Mein Shadeed Talatum Ke Bawjood, Chup Hoon Mujhe Sakoon Mayassar Ho Jaise. . . . #अमीर_हाशमी_की_कलम_से . . . . #amirhashmikikalamse #amirhashmi #amirhashmilive #meerfoundation #urdu #poetry #urdupoetry #rekhta #literature #jashnerekhta #hindikavita #urdulovers #shayari #poem #rekhtalive #poetrylovers #shayarilover #mohabbatContinue reading “चुप हूँ मुझे सुक़ून मयस्सर हो जैसे: अमीर हाशमी”

सोनाक्षी सिन्हा तू हैं तो आखिर एक औरत: अमीर हाशमी

चलिए एक आसान सवाल मेरा भी: एक अच्छे डॉक्टर से आप क्या उम्मीद रखते हैं, यहीं ना कि वह दुनियाँ की किसी भी बीमारी का अनुमान लगाकर बेहतरीन इलाज कर सकें। अच्छा एक और आसान सवाल, एक अच्छे इंजीनियर, नेता या सी.ए. या वकील से क्या उम्मीद रखते हैं, यहीं ना कि वह अपने कामContinue reading “सोनाक्षी सिन्हा तू हैं तो आखिर एक औरत: अमीर हाशमी”

Women’s Day Quotes

I congratulate team Meer Foundation & Innovative Monk to held the successful event on #WomensDay2019 and thank to Innovative Monk director Bhoopendra sahu and Meer Foundation Secretary Himanshu Chandravnshi to make this happen. Supervisor thanks to Army Regd. Brigadier Shree Pradip Yadu & his wife Manju Yadu for joining us. Also thank Mitva Samiti, AmanContinue reading “Women’s Day Quotes”