Pramukh Margdarshak

Post retirement if you have the time to spare, come join this young team. Your years of wisdom can be put to good use for India’s environment.

Explore a deep new purpose when you volunteer after retirement. Join Bolti Nadi to contribute your knowledge, skills and compassion gained over a lifetime. Connect to something significantly larger vision for environment. Make new friends. Explore the world and make a difference. Help children, mothers, teachers and community leaders improve their futures by your skills.

You’ll be an important part of a team and become trainer for youth and the community for the good purpose. Choose from a broad range of work projects and see measurable, meaningful outcomes. You can teach our river conservation projects which made by expertise of environmentalist and scientist, repair community buildings, provide pre-natal support, health and hygiene education, and so much more. Senior volunteers who serve Bolti Nadi enjoy greater vitality and psychological well-being. Regular volunteering may even extend your life! Consider their “healthy aging” recommendations:

  • Volunteer in the field you’re interested in to obtain hands-on experience and make connections.
  • Inventory your interests, talents and achievements, and engage your body, mind and soul on meaningful volunteer projects.
  • Join other like-minded retirees to learn, meet new people, try a range of activities, and have fun.
  • Working with motivated and compassionate people of all ages on volunteer programs can be one of the most significant experiences of your life.
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