Mayor for Rivers

Mayors of the cities have been some of the strongest committed champions to delivering on its highest ambition – In addition to continuing the work you are already doing in your city.

Through Bolti Nadi events, will provide a global stage to showcase and accelerate the climate and saving rivers solutions that are already underway in your city. Bolti Nadi Initiative offers the opportunity for your city and mayor to:

  • Engage constituents and local communities on climate issues and kickstart a citywide Bolti Nadi conversation programs.
  • Share innovative climate solutions and raise your city’s profile across a global audience
  • Receive training from Team Bolti Nadi and our partners on how to communicate effectively about the climate solutions underway in your community

Our team for you

Connect with local Bolti Nadi Initiative organizers to see what is already being planned in your city and what role you can play in these events along with the environment lovers in your own city – from your mayor attending to a possible speaking opportunity.

Share your city’s climate story

Bolti Nadi Initiative wants to amplify the incredible work happening in cities and communities around the state. Let us know how your city is taking action to address the climate crisis: share your story with us.

Accelerating Climate Action

There is an incredible amount of expertise available to cities, towns and communities that are striving to deliver on the Paris Agreement. Here’s where to start:

Bolti Nadi Initiative is a Save Rivers – Clean Rivers campaign to mobilize leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions and investors for a healthy, resilient, to recover and rejoicing rivers that prevents future environmental threats and sustainable growth.

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