The Leaders


We believe everyone has a role to play in the future of their communities. So we want to empower young people with the tools they need to create change together. The Leaders Program empowering leaders who can specifically perform on their districts with their own team.

The Leaders: State program identifies emerging leaders working in government, civil society, and the private sector who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the common good. It aims to build a growing network of innovative and ethical changemakers who seek to drive change in their communities while developing and supporting one another. Through a core set of shared values and leadership skills, the program seeks to lift up a new generation of civically active, positive role models who are prepared to create tangible solutions to the challenges in their communities, countries, Europe, and the world. Program offerings include:

Timely conversations
Over twelve months, Leaders come together for monthly virtual meetings to discuss some of the most challenging issues confronting Rivers with the community leaders at the forefront of them.

Skill-building trainings
Tailored workshops support Leaders in building their leadership toolkit, from mastering storytelling and mobilizing people to action, to building powerful campaigns and coalitions.

A community of support
The program includes opportunities for Leaders to meet virtually in small groups and for one-on-one conversations to build deep, lasting relationships that will carry them through their leadership journey.

Inspirational cultural events
An exciting series of virtual cultural events like live performances and stimulating conversations with artists and creative thinkers fosters a strong spirit of hope and community.

Civic engagement projects
Leaders complete the program by designing collaborative projects to reach young changemakers in their communities and inspire civic engagement.

We are delighted to welcome the first class of Leaders: Every Year’s November. Meet these phenomenal changemakers below!


Our Leaders are emerging leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the common good. Our Leaders tackle a diversity of issues, but they have a lot in common—they have all driven positive change for their communities, are guided by core values, and share the Bolti Nadi Initiative’s vision of leadership rooted in service to others.


Bhoopendra Sahu

Founder Innovative Monk Events

Bhoopendra is the Founder and Project Manager of Innovative Monk Events, an empowering project empowering the Youth community in Raipur and one of the largest online platforms for youth development issues in the area. Among his many projects, Bhoopendra created a leadership program for powering the disabled child that has fostered a new generation of activists across Raipur. Bhoopendra is passionate about empowering communities that face demotivation but a stronger believes in their creative potential to change the world.

Join the Leaders Club


Leadership members will gain fundamental skills in community organizing, equity-centered design thinking, and project management. Members will:

  • Launch a neighborhood-based team project alongside community members
  • Get connected with local organizations and leaders
  • Receive project funding for necessary project supplies; meals, and transportation for the five required in-person training events will be provided
  • Receive coaching and support from local success coaches and Bolti Nadi Staff
  • Join the Bolti Nadi network of program alumni from around the state.

During the program, you will learn and practice the skills to listen to the residents, leaders, and organizations in your community, and determine how you can work together to create the change your community wants to see.

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