Rachna Utsav

India Today organized Sahitya Varshiki #RachnaUtsav in Raipur. Joins with India Today editor Anshuman Tiwari, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, Rahat Indori.

Ability My Strength

Celebrated Every Year on International Day of Disabled Persons. The Ability My Strength is a creative initiative to give a platform to the disabled Heroes, contested between people representing strength with disability founded by the Rakesh Singh Thakur.… read more.


In a Social Walk at #KopalVani
Instead of all dumb & deaf students, I would say beautiful and heartful people around. I use to make instant fans after a show or talks but here they treated me as family just after few minutes. So humble and loveable. Meet you soon guys, you all are amazing.

TVC Production

Brand Ambesdor: Astha Chaudhary Produced & Directed by Amir Hashmi
Production banner: Meer Corporation

15-km long Tiranga drapes Raipur

Four days ahead of Independence Day, a large number of people came together in the state capital to unfurl a record-breaking 15-kilometer long tricolor. Being described as the longest tricolor tribute to the country, the flag covered the areas of Amapara square to Pt Ravishankar Shukla University campus. An initiative by Shree Ravindra Singh.

Music of Tribute

“KYU AISA HOTA HAIN” Music album launched by Mayer Mr. Pramod Dubey. A tribute to the Nepal Earthquake Victims, it’s internationally appreciated viz. Brazil, Saudi Arab & South Africa, Singapore etc.

“Selfie with Safety”

An awareness safety initiative in which people are aware to do not take selfies around high tidal areas or any risky areas during monsoon.

“Social Photo Walk – Connecting Culture

Every Year on World Heritage Day (International Day For Monuments and Sites) an unprecedented initiative Social Photo Walk by Meer Foundation, youth from across the globe… read more.

Workshop To Bring About Change In The Society

Chhattisgarh NGO Mahasangh & Sahkar Bharti jointly conducted a workshop at Kps Sarona, where the dignitaries & experts had an elaborate interaction with the audience on various social issues that majorly included subjects such as depreciating agricultural productivity, communal disharmony, laborers & underprivileged people’s plight. The workshop was aimed at churning out the solutions through a thorough deliberation over the impediments before the instrumental change in the society.

The workshop witnessed the august presence of the Collector Mr OP Choudhary as the chief guest, Mr Amir Hashmi- prominent filmmaker as the special guest.

“The Crowning Glory”

Being guest, Celebrating Annual Day of Ambo Public School, Bemetara.

“Youth Conclave”

Workshop in Raipur with IAS O.P. Chodhary Collector Raipur & IPS Mrs. Neethu Kamal (S.P.) to encourage youth in the field of culture & art by his motivational speeches.

Chitra Bharti Film Festival

Workshop & hosted the “Chitra Bhartiya Film Festival – Samajh Film ki” which promotes Nationalism based films was jointly conducted by Kushabhav Thakre Patrakarita Avam Jansanchar Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur Bhartiya Chitra SadhnaOn this occasion his National Award winning Film Mirror of the clean India was also exhibited.

Bolti Nadi Conclave

Documentary film exhibition with Social organizations, environmentalist and public representativesडॉक्यूमेंट्री फिल्म की प्रदर्शनी
समाजसेवी संस्थानों, पर्यावरणविद्,
तथा जन प्रतिनिधियों के मध्य चर्चा

Sakri River Basin 90km River Walk

In 2019, in the Sakri River of Chhattisgarh. We did a detailed research by taking samples of all the connecting villages situated besides the river on Water label, Animal, Agricultural effect and Historical aspects as well as make a documentary film by walking approx. 90 k.m. besides the Sakri River from origin point’s first village (Kariyama Village, Dist. Kabirdham, Chhattisgarh) of River to the end point of the Sakri River (Darhi Village, Dist. Bemetara, Chhattisgarh) where it merged in the Half River.

Citation: Dainik Bhaskar | नईदुनिया न्यूज | Deshbandhu

On Gory Nala Site Shramdaan at the task of evacuating the Gaad (Silt) from Narva (Canal) of Sakri River.

घोरी नाला साइट, सकरी नदी के नरवा (नाला) से गाद निकासी कार्य में श्रमदान.

Direct interaction with the villagers about the river, interviews and suggestions

नदी से लगे गाँव के लोगों से सीधी बातचीत, साक्षात्कार और सुझाव

Documentary film exhibition with Social organizations, environmentalist and public representatives

डॉक्यूमेंट्री फिल्म की प्रदर्शनी
समाजसेवी संस्थानों, पर्यावरणविद्,
तथा जन प्रतिनिधियों के मध्य चर्चा

News Covrage

समाचार कवरेज

Interaction with Public Representative MLA’s Mr. Ashish Chhabra (MLA Bemetara), Smt. Mamta Chandrakar (MLA Pandaria), Social workers and youth

जनप्रतिनिधी विधायक बेमेतरा श्री आशीष छाबड़ा, विधायक पंडरिया श्रीमती ममता शर्मा, समाजसेवियों तथा युवाओं से संवाद


Our heartland rivers make up India’s Watershed—a vital river system that provides drinking water, recreation, habitat, and serves as an economic engine for the nation. Hundreds of business, government, and science organizations graded the state of Chhattisgarh’s Watershed and identified critical areas for improvement. The Impact stories of Bolti Nadi Initiative reveals many opportunities to improve our economy and secure our water supplies if we act together now. Working together, we can find solutions for improving water quality and quantity, safety, and the health of India’s Watershed.



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