Bolti Nadi Film Festival

Meer Foundation River’s Film Grant, launched Bolti Nadi – River & Environment Short International Film Festival in association with Meer Corporation Pictures, India is a competitive film production fund for exceptionally talented emerging filmmakers to make 3-minute Public Service Announcement Films on River’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 4 high quality films produced as a part of the program are used on digital platforms by Bolti Nadi Official Social Networks to popularize SDGs amongst youth and policymakers.

How to make Short Films

Outline Your Idea

This is the foundation. An idea or concept is the broad message you want to convey through your film and use this concept as the focus of your script, around which you tell the story.

Know Your Subject

Have a list of relevant interview questions about your subject. Interact with the people who you are going to make a film on and get know their story-their inspiration, beginning and the journey thereafter.

Write Your Script

A script is a detailed account of story, setting, and dialogues exactly as you wish to see on screen. It usually breaks the film into scenes, placed in a sequence as they are to be filmed.


From a professional video camera to simple digital cameras or a mobile, use whatever you have. Learn more about it’s features, for instance –white balance, focus, sound on your camera.

Guide for filmmaking

Click here to view the filmmaking guide

Add Music and Credits

Use royalty free music only!


Film Format

Program grant support provided for production of 4 high quality, short films highlighting Save River Awareness & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Films to be used on digital platforms by official Bolti Nadi Social Media Networks to popularize amongst youth and policymakers.

Let’s create something great together.

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