Culture of Silence

CULTURE OF SILENCE | Hindi Short film | Unnati, Arrnika, Himanshu

Music by Laxmikant Gajendra | Asst. Director Shambhavi Tiwari


A 13 year old girl is representing the life of trafficked girls and woman in the court, asking for justice in the country which is the rank in the largest number of Human Trafficking cases but also appreciated for it one of the best law in the world for Human Trafficking.

Director Statement

I always use to make films in social causes and for the empower society, I belief that films are the best communication tool for anyone and anywhere in this world. As I found in research there is 70,000 people have tracked in USA whose hunting at Social Networking sites, so it is necessary to consider the New Media in the film.

Film type: Short film
Run-time: 07:56 minutes
Completion date: January 07, 2018
Online Releasing Date: September 15, 2018
Production Budget: 1200 USD
Country of Origin: India
Country of India: India
Film Language: Hindi
Shooting format: 1080HD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Film color: Color

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