CSR Policy

Meer Foundation recognizes its responsibility towards the society in which it operates. Towards this end, the Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Policy of the Company (“Policy”) intends to ensure that focused efforts are made in identified projects and programs, so that the actions positively impact the society at large. This Policy shall be read in line with Section 135 of the Companies Act (2013). It shall also be read in line with Schedule VII to the Act and other rules, regulations, circulars, and notifications in relation to CSR, as may be applicable and as amended from time to time.


Income Tax exemption under section 80G

Tree Plantation

Mankind has always recognized the benevolent relationship amongst trees, rains and rivers. Pollution all around us has acquired threatening proportions ever since tampering of this holy trinity went beyond the tolerance level. One of the biggest challenges before us is to restore the forest cover, for which we seek active cooperation under CSR.

IEC Activities / Nukkad

Awareness at community level can be done very effectively by means of Nukkad Nataks. Professional Nukkad teams can be engaged to script and present interesting Nukkad Nataks on awareness. NGOs working for awareness and public participation can also be engaged so that in addition to Nukkad Natak Interpersonal Communication or Behaviour Change Communication can also be taken up.

Solid Waste

In cities along all the rivers, the municipal solid waste generated by surroundings is creating a visible nuisance and ultimately pollute rivers. Therefore, Meer Foundation has taken up solid waste management under Bolti Nadi Programme. The work includes daily sweeping, washing, moping/cleaning of major river sides in towns. The segregation of waste at source into green waste and recyclable waste must be carried out. The segregated waste will be transported and disposed off at location specified. The collection, transportation and disposal of waste shall be in compliance with Solid Waste Management (2016) Rules.

River’s Film Grant

Meer Foundation River’s Film Grant, launched Bolti Nadi – River & Environment Short International Film Festival in association with Meer Corporation Pictures India is a competitive film production fund for exceptionally talented emerging filmmakers to make 3-minute Public Service Announcement Films on River’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 4 high quality films produced as a part of the program are used on digital platforms by Bolti Nadi Official Social Networks to popularize SDGs amongst youth and policymakers.


Under this program, sewage handling projects are primarily being taken up in towns along the banks of rivers, through construction of Sewage Treatment Plants. These have long gestation period and usually take more than 3 years for commissioning since sanction, besides, being capital-intensive with high operation and maintenance cost. Since during the intervening period, sewage continues to flow into rivers and its tributaries, there is a need to manage the pollution load by treatments through various innovative technologies (such as Modular STP based on Electrocoagulation, Filtration; Eco-Bio-block, Phytoroiad, Geo-Tube etc.) available across the globe. These are significantly less costly and require much shorter time duration of 6-8 months for commissioning and showing results. Implementing these techniques prevent degraded quality of water from flowing directly into rivers and its tributaries.

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