Ajivika Anusandhan Farmer Producer Pvt. Ltd.

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AJIVIKA ANUSANDHAN FARMER PRODUCER PRIVATE LIMITED (AAFPC) is a state level conglomerate of farmer Producer company (FPC). Established in September,2020, AAFPC  is a profit organization and registered under Companies Act (Producer Company under section 581A in Part IXA of the Company Act 1956, as referred to under section 456 of the companies Act, 2013)

Transforming agriculture of > 1 million small & marginal farmers of Chhattisgarh by 2025 from means of subsistence through profitable livelihood enterprises through promotion of collectivization, branding and better positioning in the supply / value chain”

To create an umbrella support to member FPOs particularly on market , financial linkages, brand development, value adding, agri extension, insurance and leverage & transfer the benefits of the economy of scale

  • Aggregation, storage, primary processing & trading of farm produces
  • Support for production & marketing of seeds in partnership with member FPOs,
  • Backward integration for agriculture inputs to member FPOs for sustainable farming
  • Extending linkages for financial services
  • Promotion of farm mechanization & custom hire centers & niches based processing & value addition
  • Contact farming with farmers
  • Sell point development

Input supply for share holder

  1. Plant: Mohagani, Hybrid Malesiyan Lambu Tree, Malabar Neem, Kashmiri Apple Bar, Thai Guava, Dragon Food, Coconut, Thai Jamun, Supari, all time Mango, Hybrid Jackfruit, Karonda, Lichi, Darm Stek, Papaya 
  2. Seeds: ODC 3 Munga, Thaivan Papay, Kalmegh, Kodo, Kutki, Mariya, Kinova    
  3. Organic Fertilizer: Varmi Compost, Coco Pit, Indora Compost, Neem Compost 
  4. Organic Pesticide: Bio Insects, Bio Cuter, Nemo Pod 
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