What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

There are certain objects that I feel I couldn’t live without. These objects may seem trivial or insignificant to others, but to me, they hold immense value and importance. Here are the top three objects I couldn’t live without:

  1. My phone It’s no surprise that my phone is at the top of the list. As a teenager in the digital age, my phone is my lifeline to the world. It’s where I communicate with my friends, keep up with social media, and even complete schoolwork. My phone is always with me, and I rely on it heavily throughout the day. Without it, I would feel lost and disconnected.
  2. My journal Writing is my passion, and my journal is my outlet. I use it to document my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It’s where I go to reflect on my day and work through any challenges or struggles I’m facing. Writing in my journal is a form of therapy for me, and it helps me stay grounded and centered. I couldn’t imagine my life without my journal to turn to whenever I need to process my thoughts and emotions.
  3. My headphones Music is a huge part of my life, and my headphones are my constant companion. Whether I’m studying, working out, or just relaxing, music is always playing in the background. My headphones allow me to tune out the world around me and focus on the music. They’re also great for when I need a moment of peace and quiet in a noisy environment. I couldn’t imagine going through my day without my headphones to help me escape into my favorite tunes.

These three objects may seem small, but they hold immense value to me. My phone, journal, and headphones are my constant companions, and I rely on them heavily throughout the day. Without them, my life would feel incomplete.

Published by Amir Hashmi

Amir Hashmi is an Indian Film Producer, Director, Writer, and Actor awarded the ‘Film excellence award’ by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India. Apart from being an artist, he is an outstanding speaker who hosted hundreds of inspiring workshops and campaigns amongst the youth. Awarded ‘Sangeet Visharad’ in Hindustani classical singing. He consistently promotes culture, humanity, and morality, and believes in truth and non-violence, besides being known for his environmental and patriotic initiatives.

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