Life is a journey, not competition

Amir Hashmi in Vizag Vlog

There are two types of reactions I’ve noticed from people who look at others success.⁣

  1. The ‘That should be me’ reaction. – A feeling of envy, often resulting in hateful comments or actions. Usually a wishful thinker, not willing to put in the work and assumes the world owes them something.⁣
  2. The ‘inspired’ reaction. – A feeling of motivation and determination to work hard and elevation of positive vibes. Often an optimistic mindset, a ‘go getter’ that focuses on all the positives.⁣

    I love seeing people winning. It’s a great feeling and is highly inspiring. There is plenty for everyone.⁣

    Your thoughts determine your results.⁣
  3. So, replicate this thought in your life from today, infact just from this movement, and come back next week and tell me what just happened with this thought in your life.
  4. Now, share this other, and start with your family, because a good start is always starts with yourself.

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