Lighting breakdown explain

Maximizing control is the name of the game when it comes to cinematography. There are obviously tons of different ways to do it, but let’s focus our attention to siders.

A sider is a tool used to prevent unwanted light spill coming from the left or right of a light.

Most of the time a sider will be a solid flag/floppy. But in this case, we’re using what’s called a soft sider, meaning diffusion instead of a solid.

Let me walk you through the thought process:

❌Without the sider, we get hard light spilling onto talent and the frame left wall. No good.
❌With a solid sider we get rid of the hard spill, but we lose some exposure on talent.
✅ With the soft sider, we eliminate the hard spill whilst seamlessly adding light to talent.

A soft sider isn’t always the best option, but for these shots it did the job.

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