BEST’s 2020 red double-decker buses

Mumbai Best Bus Brand New

The most exciting news in the papers today is that Mumbai will continue its love affair with BEST’s red double-decker buses. But the old Routemaster model, based on London’s iconic double-deckers, that’s been around with minor modifications since 1947 and was being scrapped, is coming as an upgraded avatar that’s now popular in UK. I have travelled by that bus. And I can’t wait for it to come here.0

The new double-decker will retain two old features. The driver’s rubber squeeze bulb horn and the conductor’s cord bell. That’s for nostalgia. Otherwise it will have automatic gears and power-operated doors. There will be separate entries to board and alight at the front and rear. And inter-deck communication systems for the conductors up and down, CCTV, GPS, wheelchair ramps.

The buses, and their indefatigable drivers and conductors, are what Mumbai is all about. I remember on the evening of March 12, 1993, after the serial blasts all but ripped out Mumbai’s heart, the double-deckers back on the roads, driving through death and destruction. Prompting Chief Minister Sharad Pawar to say, “When I see the red BEST buses running again, then I am assured the spirit of Mumbai has not been crushed.”

Published by Amir Hashmi

Amir Hashmi is an Indian Film Producer, Director, Writer, and Actor awarded the ‘Film excellence award’ by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India. Apart from being an artist, he is an outstanding speaker who hosted hundreds of inspiring workshops and campaigns amongst the youth. Awarded ‘Sangeet Visharad’ in Hindustani classical singing. He consistently promotes culture, humanity, and morality, and believes in truth and non-violence, besides being known for his environmental and patriotic initiatives.

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