#RIP Bhupesh Kumar Pandya

With a heavy heart, this is to sadly inform you about the demise of our beloved friend, senior fellow actor Bhupesh Kumar Pandya.

He left us today on 23rd Sept, 2020. He was at Apollo Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad. He was smiling and in high spirits till his last breath. He’ll be cremated at his hometown Banswara, Rajasthan.

Let us all pray for the peace of the departed soul and hold each other’s hand in this time of distress. This tragic year has become even more tragic for our NSD family.

It goes without saying that his family is completely distraught. All of you have been immensely supportive and we will be forever grateful for the same.

We humbly request you to please continue to help us support his old parents, wife and small kids, in whatever way possible.

NSD Batch (1998-2001)🙏🌸🙏
Kashish Agnihotri Souti Chakraborty Indu Sharma Gita Guha Sonamoni Jayant Jayant Gadekar Veena Sharma Sanjay Gautam Ramji Bali Richa Bhattacharya Harish Hariaudh Samaresh Routray Teekam Joshi Seema Azmi abhishek sharma

One thought on “#RIP Bhupesh Kumar Pandya

  1. भगवान उनकी आत्मा को शांति प्रधान करे
    हमारी संवेदनाए उनके परिवार वालो के साथ है
    ईश्वर उनकी मदद करे।।


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