How to sell my movie script in bollywood

Dear Script Writers,
Be a supermarket before selling your product, don’t complete one two script and hassle yourself for years. Be ready with multiple types of scripts and be ready to write for new one. Direct go to producers and directors. NFDC Labs, xyz labs and competition is made for your exploration and selling their event tickets only in practical at-least this days. The superstar face your see their, better your buy a filmfestival ticket to see them and enjoy the events. don’t waste your money in screenplay writing kind of competitions, it’s useless.
Being a director, I always invite complete written script and may ask for alteration few time and directly take it to floor of shooting, all my directors fellow and producers use to do the same.
Do not hesitate to talk with any producer or director, if you have a full script you can take it to the floor directly. Synopsis, ideas, outlines, one liner, this are now old market style. If you have a full script, it will be defiantly sold as per the quality and producer’s capacity.
Happy Writing.

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