Do you prefer to Write solo or with an inspiration❓⁣ ⁣

Do you prefer to Write solo or with an inspiration❓⁣

My time in the writing is very important to me.⁣

It’s the time where I focus on my thoughts, I reboot & I am able to elevate to another level.⁣

It’s almost always one of the highlights of the day. I have created thoughts which boost my mood through these moments. I have battled through some difficult times in this space, It is also a place where I develop ideas, concepts and innovation for my own Art form.⁣

On days when my motivation levels are low, I remind myself of what I am about to miss out on, that’s when things change. ⁣

You can sometimes be your own motivation. Try it. You just need to create stimulating thoughts and environments.⁣

Because this is such an important part of my daily life, I do it solo. I don’t like interruptions, talking to people or partners.⁣ I use to impress with anyone is rare.

I use to write and devlop my art form in night not because it looks classy or moody, but because I don’t want any single notifications of human, phone or anything when I am writing…. night is peaceful and cancel out all other noise.

As Director, The only exception from writers is if the people who I train with think on the same level and share the same positive vibes. I never use to intrupt or question a creative person on their own skills instead I use to pick the best of it.

Pictured: Just Passing from #Palava

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