Delhi Visit

From the 24-28 Dec. 2017, I visited Delhi for some meetings. 

#AmirHashmi #delhiairport #aligarh

It’s an amazing tour of Delhi 

This time, it was an official tour, so I could not attend your eves and meet many people’s of Delhi. 

I feel Delhi has 3-4 culture on is own, Haryana, UP, Punjabi, Delhi, everyone has there own style. Strong in literature, even I’m actually finding a writer for my screenplays. 

Anyways, I’ll come soon with a boom. #LoveYouDelhi Many many thanks to #SuhailMasarrat to make this tour easy and enjoyable, Naushad and Saarim too from Aligarh. 

Special thanks to #Jamirullah Sahab the #MayorAligarh for Taking-Care and for your love. 

#amirhashmi #suhailmasarrat #jamirullah #aligarh #delhi #lifestyle #peace #meetings

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